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At Sammy dress, we all inform customers. As customer satisfaction is always the first priority, we offer several transportation options for each customer. Our options are from mail delivery (standard and medium speed) fast forwarding (quick delivery).

Free operation

Sammydress Promo Code may verify payment information and order before processing your order.Before payment is certified and verified, the order cannot be canceled or modified. We will process it as soon as we are certified. Sammy dress will do all she can to support you. Prior to shipping, we make checks and quality tests to ensure the quality of the product before delivery. The rating process has 3 business days. However, the stock’s article may be affected. Popular items that experience caching availability, processing time can be 5 to 10 business days.

Note: for more than one item, you will be based on processing time for a long time processing process.

All limited/standard delivery times are available in real-world history collected from previous orders. Only limited reference times are available. Shipping times will be interrupted during the holidays; manufacturers and senders will restrict their jobs at this time. This is beyond our control.


Taxation requirement checkout

Tax id number is required when Argentine customers choose expedited shipping at opt-out from  Sammydress promo code. Make sure you finish identifying your tax to avoid sending problems and/or delivery failures.


Please note: from 4 December, all orders less than $ 30, select standard shipping for your items at Christmastime. From 13 to 16 December, select items can be sent within 24 hours and then express your delivery requirements to your Christmas items. After December 16, we cannot guarantee Christmas delivery. It is today, postal posting: if you do not receive your package with previous limitations. Send a ticket please to us. Another item you can buy from the Sammy dress for your own or anyone

Few of them are here below:

The air plant terrarium kit

Give a gift to the natural beauty and marvelous terrarium inspired by the passionflower plant “pass flora”. Hang or put it on a table in any way you can enjoy the beauty and calmness that this gift offers.

Boehme watch tracks

Ladies love accessories a great gift that you discovered to open this Christmas morning this beautiful and chic watch the Boehme guide.

White kindles paper in e-reader

If your woman is a book mill, then the kindle white reader is a great gift. With compact size, you can read your favorite books wherever you go.

The mermaid tail bond

Finally, you can fill in your dream to be a mermaid song because of this bond of the mermaid tail. Free, colorful and really look!

Up sari biking dress up

You’ll be much worn when she puts this nice shirt on the sari. You’ll love a unique drawing and a unique design, you can pull it out! All of these are available on Sammydress promo code.